Better In The Dark


From Alaska down to Panama, Hawaii to New York
Ten people out of nine agree it's better in the dark


Come people pay attention, listen to my song
There's only ninety verses, I'll not detain you long
How Uncle Sam he blew a fuse which caused the lights to fail
And plunged the nation into gloom, come listen to my tale


John Citizen came home from work like any other night
Found his house in semi-darkness, his wife all in a fright
John, John, the power's gone, the TV's up the spout
But John just pulled his trousers down and blew the candle out


When things go wrong, this proves to all the world - if proof were wanted
Mankind reverts to type, carries on undaunted
As they lay there struggling and breathless on the floor
She murmured, John, how come we never thought of this before


But nine long months have passed and gone and there's a bill to pay
Doctor Kildare and all his men are working night and day
Love, they say, is a costly game and must be properly planned
But a packet of three is hard to see when darkness rules the land


John Citizen has changed his ways, he's joining in the fight
For longer darker power cuts, he wants them every night
He won't go off to war, he has a better plan instead
For out of darkness comes the light, he'd rather go back to bed

 (Gordon McCulloch / traditional)

Hamish Imlach
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