Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice


Oot o' the East there came a hard man
Oh oh, a' the way frae Brigton
Ah haw, glory hallelujah
Cod liver oil and the orange juice


He went intae a pub, cam oot paralytic
Oh oh, Lanliq and cider
Ah haw, what a helluva mixture


In the dancin' he met Hairy Mary
Oh oh, the floo'er o' the Gorbals
Ah haw, glory hallelujah


Oh Mary, are ye dancin'
Naw, naw, it's jist the way ah'm stannin'
Ah haw, glory hallelujah


Oh Mary, yer wan in a million
Oh oh, so's yer chances
Ah haw, glory hallelujah


Oh Mary, can ah run ye hame
Oh oh, ah got a pair o' sandshoes
Ah haw, yer helluva funny


Through the back close, intae the donny
It wasnae for the first time
Ah haw, glory hallelujah


Oot cam her mammy, she's goin' tae the cludgie
Oh oh, ah buggered off sharpish
Ah haw, glory hallelujah


Hairy Mary's looking for her hard man
Oh oh, he's jined the Foreign Legion
Ah haw, Sahara and a camel


Hairy Mary had a little baby
Oh oh, its faither's in the army
Ah haw, glory hallelujah

 (Paedar Kearney)

Hamish Imlach
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