I Wouldn't Change A Thing


I can't believe it's thirty years since three of us teamed up
Won a folk group competition – I've still got that silver cup
In a basement club in Bath Street for me it did begin
Songs from Archie, Alex Campbell, Josh MacRae and Matt McGinn
I played a bingo hall in Wishaw, a church hall in Polmadie
The more I sang the more I thought, Aye, that's the life for me
I don't remember where it was, but someone paid us once
Between you and me – I haven't done an honest day's work since


An audition at the Ashfield Club, with three songs up our sleeves
The boy said, Lads, don't waste my time, can ye no do some Jim Reeves?
Then I got my first TV show from the Elbow Room in Fife
Sometimes I think that Gordon Smith (the producer!) was the man who changed my life
Time went on and line-ups changed, one group became another
Jackie, Gavin, Bobby, Tam – I loved them like my brothers
Then one day I thought I'd like to try it on my own
And a whole new world just opened up when I stood up there alone


It didn't take me long to find the songs I liked to do
Mostly songs by other folk, though I did write one or two
I sang some Harry Chapin songs, somehow they seemed to suit
And the Glasgow songs by Adam to remind me of my roots
I learned a lot from Hamish too, not just how to drink
There's much more to the big man than a lot of people think
He can mickey mouse the public bar or captivate with blues
Takes three men to fill his trousers – but no one fills his shoes


Some other special friends, of course, they know how I feel
There's Allan Taylor, Alan Reid, 'Cecil B.' McNeill
Arthur Johnstone, Rod from Denmark, the Sands from Ireland too
Jesus – this verse was a big mistake, I can't name all of you
Some virtuoso players – think of Aly, think of Phil
As we sometimes say in Glasgow – that music's pure dead brill
A couple of us made it big – Billy, Babs got rich
Some of us just made it small – Danny, me, and Tich


My family were wonderful, my daughters and my wife
They knew how much I loved this job and enjoyed the travelling life
They smiled through the good times, and they helped me through the rough
Though tempted, they never once said, Take your banjo and piss off!
There's never a dull moment now, the tours come rolling in
Baltimore to Bielefeld, Bermuda tae Berlin
No, I can't believe it's thirty years since I began to sing
But if I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing

(Iain Mackintosh)

Iain Mackintosh
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