Jealousy you snake you'd better come around no more
Don't need you in my dreams, won't let you in my door
I must acknowledge your existence, but you'd better keep your distance
My love's a golden angel, my champion in this war.


When you courted me before I was enthralled by your suggestions
Acknowledged possessions grew accostomed to your sting
When my love was falling down you wrapped around me to destroy me
You left me with a memory to guard me in this round



You come again to haunt me, this time I won't allow you
Effect my happy outlook deprive me in my joy
This time my love is stronger in the end I will defeat you
It will laugh at you and eat you if you try your tricks once more



We may not have all the answers trying to perfect them
No longer ruled by grief or slaves of selfishness
Jealousy you snake you are confined to your own pit
Go away for this is it we can make love without you now.


 (Claudine Langille)

In diesem Lied geht es um ein Gefühl, das an sich jeder kennt, um Eifersucht. Sie wird dargestellt als eigenständiges Wesen und die Liebe an sich als Kämpfer, der gegen sie antritt

Geraldine Macgowan
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