Rise! Rise! Lowland And Highland Men


Rise! Rise! Lowland and Highland men,
Bals Sire and beardless son, each come, and early:
Rise! Rise! Mainland and Island men,
Belt on your broadswords and fight for Prince Charlie!


Doon from the mountain steep,
Up from the valley deep
Out from the clacan, the bothy, and shieling,
Bugle and battle-drum
Bid chief and vassal come,
Loudly on bagpipes the pibroch are pealing.



Men of the mountains descendants of hereos!
Heirs of the fame and the hills of your fathers-
Say, shall the Sassenach southron not fear us,
When fierce the war-peal each plaides clan gathers?

Long on the trophied walls
Of our ancestral halls
Rust has been blumting the armour of Albin:
Seize them, ye Mountain Macs,
Buckler and battle-axe,
Lads of Lochaber, Breamar and Breadalbine



When hath the tartan plaid mantled a coward?
when did the bonnet blue crest the disloyal?
Up, then, and crowd to the standard of Stuard!
Follo your hero, the rightful the royal.

Come, Chief o'Clanronald,
And gallant M'Donald,
Lovat, Lochiel, with the Grant, and the Gordon,
Rouse every kilted clan,
Rouse every loyal men,
Musket on shoulder, and tight the broadsword on!


Wieder ein Lied, das mit dem Krieg zu tun hat, der Text ist ein Aufruf an alle Schotten, sich anzuschließen und für die Freiheit, ihr Land und ihren König Bonnie Prince Charlie zu kämpfen.

The Corries
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