Rosemary Lane

When I was in service in Rosemary Lane
I earned the good will of my master and dame
'til a sailor came by one night for to call
and that was the beginning of my downfall

He asked me for a candle,
to light him to bed
likewise a silk handkerchief,
to tie up his hair
to tie up his hair, as sailors will do
and he said"My pretty Polly!"
"Will you come on too?"

This maid being young and foolish,
she thought is no harm,
to lie into bed,
to keep herself warm

But what happened there,
I will never disclose,
but I wish the short night
had been seven long years

So early next morning
the sailor arose
into my apron three guineas did throw
saying "This I will give,
and more I will do
if you will be my Polly,
whereever I may go."

Now, if it's a boy, he will fight for his kin,
If it's a girl, she will wear a gold ring
she'll wear a gold ring
and dress up so plain,
and remember my service
In Rosemary Lane


In diesem Lied erzählt ein jungen Mädchen davon, daß sie im Dienst stand und es ihr gutging, bis sie sich eines Nachts zu einen Mann legt, ohne sich etwas dabei zu denken.
Sie nennt es selbst den Beginn ihres Untergangs. An sich hat sie für damalige Zeiten großes Glück gehabt, der Mann wollte zumindest zu ihr stehen.

Geraldine Macgowan
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