She Moved To The Fair


My young love said to me
"My mother won't mind."
"My father won't slight you
for your luck of kind."
she stepped away from me
and this she did say:
"It will not be long love
until our Wedding Day!"


She stepped away from me
she moved through the fair
so fondly, I watched her,
move here and move there
then she gaily went homeward,
with one star awake
as the swan in the evening
moves over the lake.


the people are saying
that two were never wed
if ony had a sorrow,
never was it said.
She smiled as she passed me
with her goods and her gear
and that was the last
that I saw of my dear!


Last night, I lay sleeping
my dead love came in
she came in so softly
her feet made no din
and she laid her hand on me
to me she did say:
"It will not be long love
until our Wedding Day!"



Ein Lied, das von einem Brautpaar handelt, das kurz vor der Hochzeit steht. Die junge Braut verschwindet plötzlich.
Das Beachtenswerte ist, daß das Lied meist nur mit der ersten, zweiten und vierten Strophe gesungen wird, außerdem wird dann anstatt dead love in der vierten Strophe young love gesungen, dadurch ändert sich der gesamte Inhalt.

Geraldine Macgowan
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