The Lowlands Of Holland


The first night I was married and on my married bed,
Up comes a bold sea captain and stood at my bed,
Arise, arise young marrieed man and come along with me,
to the Lowlands of Holland to face your enemy!


I held my lover in my arms still thinking he might stay,
But the captain gave another shout; he was forced to ga away:
"Tis many a bright young married man this night must go with me,
To the Lowlands of Holland to fight the enemy!"


The took my love to a gallant ship, a ship of noble fame,
With four-and-twenty seaman bold to steer across the main;
The storm then began to rise, and the sea began to shout;
"Twas when my love and his gallant ship were sorely tossed about."


Says the mother to the daughter, "What makes you so lament?
Is there ne'er a man in irleand, who will please your discontent."
There are men enough in Ireland, but none at all for me
I only love but one man, and he's across the sea.


I'll wear not shoe or stocking, or comb put in my hair,
Nor fire bright nor candle light shallo show my beauty rare.
And never will I married be until the day I die
For the Lowlands of Hollandare between my love and I.


Der Text handelt von einem jungverheirateten Mann, der in seiner Hochzeitsnacht von seinem Offizier weggeholt wird, weil er mit nach Holland muß, in den Krieg ziehen.
Seine junge Frau wartet auf ihn, selbst asl sie erfährt, daß er mit seinem Schiff untergegangen ist, weigert sie sich, sich einen anderen zu suchen, obwohl ihre Mutter sie drängt.
Viele Frauen blieben in Kriegszeiten fr&0uuml;her als Witwen zurück.

Geraldine Macgowan
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