The Moving On Song


Born in the middle of the afternoon
In a horsedrawn carriage on the old A5.
The big twelve wheeler skook my bed,
"You can't stay here," the policeman said.


"You'd better get born in some place else.
Move along, get along,
Move along, get along,
Go! Move! Shift!"


Born on the common by the building site
Where the ground was rutted by the trail of the wheels
The local Christian said to me,
"You'll lower the price of property



Born at potato picking time
In a tent a tatie field.
The farmer said, "The work's all done,
It's time that you was moving on."



Born at the back of a hawthorn hedge
Where the frost lay on the ground.
No eastern kings came bearing gifts.
Instead the order came to shift.



The eastern sky was full of stars
And one shone brighter than the rest.
The wise men came so stern and strict
And brought the orders to evict



Wagon, tent or trailer born,
Last month, last year or in far off days.
Born here or thousand miles away
Ther's alwasy men nearby who'll say,


 (Ewan McColl)

Dieses Lied handelt von den sogenannten travellin'people, das sind die, die auf der Suche nach Arbeit und Überlebensmöglichkeiten durch ganz Irland ziehen. Sie sind überlall so lange willkommen, wie man ihre Arbeitskraft braucht, dann müssen sie weiterziehen. Selbst die christliche Nächstenliebe scheint bei ihnen keine Anwendung zu finden.

Christy Moore
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